News Update - 14 May 2021

Tēnā koe,

Te Kaunihera Manapou Paramedic Council is pleased to report registration has been proceeding successfully. Around 1000 paramedics have already registered and 560 registrants have also been issued Annual Practising Certificates (APCs). However, if you have not yet registered, or applied for an APC, it is essential that you get this process underway.

Annual Practising Certificates

APCs are now open for all registered paramedics. The application for an APC needs to be completed online through the MyPMC portal, and it is your responsibility as a paramedic to ensure that this is done.  If you have not yet completed registration, you will be prompted to apply for an APC once your registration is confirmed.

An APC confirms your fitness and competence to practise as a Paramedic and is a mandatory requirement in New Zealand. Your APC will need to be renewed every year before the current one expires (renewal date is 01 April each year).

Once you obtain your APC, you will be able to confirm your practising status by going to our website and clicking on the Public Register. For more information regarding the Council’s definition of ‘practising’, click here.

Registration and Practising Certificate Deadline

The Council has set a deadline of August 1st, 2021 for all practising paramedics to be registered and hold an APC. Individuals who are not currently practising as paramedics, but intend on practising in the future, will have until May 21st, 2022 to get registered. 

Continual Professional Development

A CPD framework has been developed by the Council which is now published on our website. Paramedics will be required to complete 30 hours of professional development every APC renewal year and this will need to be logged in a template. Please find more details and an example template on our website here.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Ngā mihi nui,


Catherine Byrne | Registrar

Kaunihera Manapou Paramedic Council