Competent Paramedic Practice

Council Standards

Council is required to set standards of clinical competence, cultural competence (including competencies that will enable effective and respectful interactions with Māori) and ethical conduct that paramedics must observe.

After consultation Council has approved the following Standards:

These documents are central to the Council's work and expectations of paramedics, including:

  • Accreditation of training institutions that deliver prescribed qualifications
  • Determining whether a paramedic is competent for registration
  • Reviewing the competence of practising paramedics
  • Considering complaints about the conduct or practice of paramedics.

All paramedics are urged to familiarise themselves with the above documents and to use them to inform their practice and professional development needs.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Te Kaunihera Manapou Paramedic Council (the Council) and the public expect that all paramedics will continue to learn and to maintain their competence. Registered paramedics are required to complete professional development in the context of their area of practice; these activities may be within the work environment or in an educational context. 

Registered paramedics are expected to complete and record 30 hours of professional development every APC renewal year which may be taken as whole days or as hours. CPD must be recorded in a document which clearly displays the time taken, explains the activity and what has been learned.  

You can download an example template here.

 Professional development can include a variety of learning activities such as:

  • degree courses
  • short courses
  • seminars
  • conferences
  • in-service education
  • online learning and Internet-based courses.

Journal reading may be considered a professional development activity if it takes place within a formal framework such as a journal club, a presentation to colleagues, or to inform an educational or quality improvement process. 

 Scientific meetings may be considered a professional development activity if they have an educational focus and include appropriate documentation (for example, minutes that clearly identify the education topic).

The level of a paramedic’s professional development should be appropriate to their scope of practice, work context and must be relevant to their development as a paramedic and area of practice. Registered paramedics are also required to reflect on their professional development and may be asked to supply a statement of learning if selected for recertification audit.

Prior to the renewal date for annual practising certificates (APC), some registered paramedics may be required to submit their CPD record for audit (01 April to 01 April).

Please note, there is no weighting differentiation between different types of professional development. It is the completion of the 30 hours of CPD per APC renewal year, and what paramedics have learned through the process, which is important to the Council.