Annual Practising Certificates


You can now apply for your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) from your MyPMC account. If you have any questions about registration or APCs, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


When practising as a registered paramedic, you must hold an annual practising certificate (APC). Working without a current APC is not permitted under the Act and may lead to disciplinary action.

Once you obtain your practising certificate, you will be able to confirm your practising status by going to the ‘Public Register’ located on our our website. 

Please note, you will not receive a physical certificate, however you may view or print your APC from your MyPMC portal.

Applications for practising certificates are always considered on an individual basis. If you have any questions about your eligibility, or whether you require a practising certificate in your current role, please contact us.

Definition of practising

The Council is required to define practising to determine whether a paramedic requires a practising certificate.
Paramedic practice is using paramedic knowledge while working in paramedic management, administration, education, research, professional advice, or policy development roles which directly impact public safety.

A person who has the responsibilities of a paramedic as defined by the Paramedic Council and is using their paramedic knowledge in a direct relationship with clients should hold a practising certificate.

The purpose of this definition is to ensure that paramedics comply with the requirements of the Act which aims to ensure that paramedics have maintained the required standard of competence to protect public safety.

The definition and its requirements do not extend to paramedics who no longer have paramedic responsibilities but who choose to continue working in the health care sector.

The definition may include some practitioners who are practising as paramedics but whose employers don’t require them to hold practising certificates.

APC renewals

The date for APC renewal will be 1 April each year.

If you do not apply for renewal before your current APC expires you may be working without a current APC. As this is not permitted under the Act, you may be referred to a professional conduct committee.

To protect public safety, employers also have a responsibility to ensure that the paramedics in their workplace hold current APCs.

If you are no longer practising or do not intend to practise after your APC expires, you do not need to renew.

This could be because you are:

  • retired
  • currently practising overseas
  • not returning to practise or on a break.