How to Register

Paramedic Scope of Practice

Under section 11 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 the Paramedic Council has specified the scope of the practice for Paramedics as follows:

  1. Paramedics are registered health practitioners who use their clinical knowledge, skills and judgement to provide healthcare services primarily in the provision of urgent and/or emergency assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients, including provision of clinical advice, referral and, where required, transport. All patient care is, ethically, safely and effectively carried out in accordance with New Zealand law, the principles of Te Tiriti ō Waitangi, Council standards of clinical competence and cultural competence (including competencies that will enable effective and respectful interactions with clinical guidelines, documents protocols, and standing orders issued by the employer/organisation's clinical governance framework. Paramedics liaise and cooperate with other healthcare providers and clinical personnel to foster a team approach, provide leadership, provide supervision, support and oversight of non-regulated members of the clinical team, and ensure services are provided in a timely and integrated fashion in partnership with individuals, families, whānau and communities.

  2. Paramedics may also perform a variety of functions including policy development, leadership, management, research, training and education, and public liaison and communications roles.

  3. Paramedics are individually accountable for ensuring all health services they provide are consistent with their education and skill level, meet legislative requirements and are supported by appropriate standards.


Pathways to registration

There are three Council pathways to registration for New Zealand-based practitioners, which are based on the following prescribed qualifications:

Prescribed Qualifications for Registration in the Paramedic Scope of Practice

Under section 12 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 ("Act") the Paramedic Council has prescribed the following qualifications for registration in the Paramedic scope of practice:

New Zealand qualified:

  1. In accordance with section 12(2)(a) of the Act, a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Paramedicine, conferred by an educational institution accredited by Council.


  1. A pass within the two years prior to application in an approved Registration Assessment Programme (RAP) at the paramedic level or above set by the Council or another organisation approved by Council in accordance with section 12(2)(c) of the Act.


  1. Both of the following:

    a. Satisfactory evidence of experience in the delivery or management of paramedic services, or in paramedic education and research.


    b. At the direction of Council, a satisfactory pass in an assessment set by the Council or by another organisation approved by the Council under section 12(2)(c) of the Act.

    New Zealand Gazette Notice number 2020-gs5307

All applicants for registration as a Paramedic under any of the above pathways must complete the Mauriora - Foundation Course in Cultural Competency and provide a certificate of completion as part of their application for registration. This programme is online, free of charge and is open for enrolment and completion now.


See the videos below for guidance on preparing your application for registration under each of the pathways above.

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition

As an alternative to the three registration pathways above, if you are registered as a Paramedic with the Paramedicine Board of Australia, you can apply for registration via the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act. This pathway is available through MyPMC. We will need to validate your registration and professional standing with the PBA as part of the registration process. Any conditions on practice will be carried over. The registration fee through this pathway is $NZ 450.00.


Pathway A

  • Requires evidence of completing an approved tertiary qualification in paramedicine.



Pathway B

  • Requires you to have an Authority to Practise (ATP) at paramedic level or above from a Council-approved provider.


Approved providers are:

  • Wellington Free Ambulance
  • St John
  • Search and Rescue Services Limited
  • GCH Aviation
  • ProMed.

Please check back regularly for an updated list of approved employers. We will be adding to this as we work through the approval process with other organisations.


Pathway C

  • Requires you to demonstrate your experience and knowledge by submitting a portfolio that outlines how long you have been a practising paramedic or in paramedic education or research and the kind of skills you bring to the job.



These self-assessment forms are based on the Council's approved Standards of Cultural Safety and Clinical Competence and will help you prepare your application for registration under Pathway C.

Competence assessment form (clinical only) 

 Competence assessment form (educational research and management)

If you have any questions or would like more information please email the Council at: